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Notice of Availability

Draft 2007 Environmental Performance Report of
California's Electrical Generation System

Pub. No. CEC-700-2007-016-SD
Docket No. 06-IEP-1

The California Energy Commission's (Energy Commission) Integrated Energy Policy Report (IEPR) Committee (Committee) invites public comments on the Draft Staff Report: 2007 Environmental Performance Report of California's Electrical Generation System, publication number CEC-700-2007-016-SD. Chairman Jackalyne Pfannenstiel is the Presiding Member, and Commissioner John L. Geesman is the Associate Member of the IEPR Committee.


As required by Senate Bill 1389 (Statutes of 2002, Chapter 568) the Energy Commission conducts "assessments and forecasts of all aspects of energy industry supply, production, transportation, delivery and distribution, demand, and prices." The Energy Commission uses these assessments and forecasts to develop energy policies that conserve resources, protect the environment, ensure energy reliability, enhance the state's economy, and protect public health and safety. (Public Resources Code [PRC] § 25301(a).) The Energy Commission adopts the IEPR every odd-numbered year and in even-numbered years adopts an energy policy review to update analysis from the previous IEPR or to raise energy issues that have emerged since the previous proceeding. (PRC § 25302(d).)

The Draft 2007 Environmental Performance Report is a supporting staff report to the Energy Commission's 2007 Integrated Energy Policy Report. The report is specifically designated as one of the required biennial assessments within the Integrated Energy Policy Report. The chapter on once-through cooling is intended to serve as the basis for a status report to the California Legislature, as required by Assembly Bill 1576 (Nunez, Statutes of 2005), on the progress being made to implement the once-through cooling performance standards as established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under Section 316(b) of the Clean Water Act.

The Draft 2007 Environmental Performance Report is the fourth biennial report in this series that began in 2001. This year's report provides brief updates on California thermal and renewable power plant development and electricity imports, and provides information on five specific environmental topics:

  1. Cooling water use by California power plants subject to Energy Commission siting jurisdiction;

  2. Once-through cooling issues associated with California's coastal power plant fleet;

  3. Biological resource issues associated with solar thermal facilities in California;

  4. An update on guidelines to reduce avian mortality at California wind farms; and

  5. Klamath Hydroelectric Project energy and economic analyses associated with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Relicensing Proceeding.

This document is available free from the Energy Commission's website at:


Public Comments

The Commissioners encourage interested parties to present their views through written comments.

Written comments must be submitted by 5 p.m. on November 16, 2007. Submitted comments will help shape the 2007 Integrated Energy Policy Report. Include the docket number No. 06-IEP-1 and indicate 2007 IEPR Environmental Performance Report in the subject line or first paragraph of your comments.

The Energy Commission encourages comments by electronic mail (e-mail). Please include your name or organization in the name of the file. Those submitting comments by e-mail should provide them in either Microsoft Word format or as a Portable Document File (PDF) to [docket@energy.state.ca.us].

One paper copy must also be sent to the Energy Commission's Docket Unit. If the original is more than 20 pages, please also provide 12 paper copies to:

California Energy Commission
Dockets Office, MS-4
Re: Docket No. 06-IEP-1
1516 Ninth Street
Sacramento, CA 95814-5512

News media should direct inquiries to Claudia Chandler, Assistant Executive Director, at (916) 654-4989, or by e-mail at [mediaoffice@energy.state.ca.us].

The staff contact for this report is Jim McKinney, Project Manager, Special Projects Unit, Energy Facilities Siting Division, (916) 654-3999, [jmckinney@energy.state.ca.us].

Date Posted: November 7, 2007

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