Energy Partnership Program

Notice of Reopening of Technical Assistance Program - Posted November 8, 2012. (PDF file)

The Energy Partnership Program Can Help!

Do you need help identifying the most cost effective energy saving opportunities? The Energy Partnership Program can help, usually at no cost to you. Savings can typically reduce annual utility costs by 10 percent or more. Plus efficiency upgrades can reduce annual maintenance costs and greenhouse gas emissions, while improving indoor air quality and the overall building comfort.

Here's how we can assist you: Energy Partnership Program


Existing Facilities

Use the Energy Partnership Program to target energy efficiency improvements for your existing facilities. We can identify energy-related projects that should be implemented immediately as part of a comprehensive energy program. For existing facilities, the Energy Partnership Program can:

  • Conduct energy audits and prepare feasibility studies
  • Review existing proposals and designs
  • Develop equipment performance specifications
  • Review equipment bid specifications
  • Assist with contractor selection
  • Review commissioning plans


New Construction

Facilities built with energy efficient designs cost less to operate. That means continuous savings from the first day of operation! It is possible to reduce energy consumption significantly below the state's minimum building efficiency standard (Title 24). The Energy Partnership Program provides technical assistance to your architectural and engineering team early in the design phase, before the plans are finalized.

Here are some ways we can help with new construction

  • Provide design review consultation
  • Identify cost-effective, energy-saving measures
  • Compare different technologies
  • Review schematics and construction plans
  • Provide equipment specification consultation
  • Develop computer simulation models of your planned project
  • Help select experienced professionals with energy efficiency expertise
  • Assist with system commissioning


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to participate in the Energy Partnership Program?
Typically, there is no cost to participate in the program. We provide technical assistance services up to $20,000 of our consultant's costs. The cost of a study depends on the facility size, type and scope of the project. If the cost of the study exceeds $20,000, the applicant may opt to share in the cost or reduce the scope. We contract with experienced engineering and architectural consultants who provide the technical assistance.

When is my application due?
The Energy Partnership Program is a continuously open program with no final filing date. However, program funds are limited, so filing promptly will help increase your chance of receiving assistance. Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

How will you evaluate my application?
Before receiving assistance, applicants must meet the following program selection criteria: commitment to implementing energy efficiency recommendations, high energy cost per square footage, and potential for energy savings. The application and Governing Board Resolution must indicate how you plan to fund the recommended energy efficiency project recommendations.

What if I need funding for my energy saving projects?
You can apply for a low interest loan from the Energy Commission. Loans are available at competitive rates for public agencies. For more information, go to


The Application Process

How do I apply for technical assistance?

  1. Complete the Technical Assistance Application. (updated: January 2, 2013)
  2. Complete Governing Board Resolution. The Energy Commission must have a resolution from your governing board before providing technical assistance. The Energy Partnership Program sample resolution is available in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) or as an interactive Word Document.
  3. Provide Supplemental information. For all buildings or facilities that you are requesting assistance for, provide supplemental information, such as:
    • latest 12 months of gas and electric utility bills
    • past energy studies
    • preliminary plans or proposals

  4. Preliminary plans or proposals: Mail your application, governing board resolution, and supplemental information to:
    California Energy Commission
    Energy Partnership Program
    Special Projects Office
    1516 Ninth Street, MS 23
    Sacramento CA 95814-5512

Program Information

How Do I Apply

Who is Eligible

  • Cities
  • Counties
  • Special districts
  • Public or non-profit hospitals
  • Public or non-profit public care facilities
  • Public or non-profit colleges/universities

Frequently Asked Questions

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