Siting, Transmission, and Environmental Protection Division

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The mission of the Siting, Transmission, and Environmental Protection Division is to ensure that energy facilities are authorized in an expeditious, safe and environmentally acceptable manner. In addition, the division prepares environmental documentation for the Commission as required by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). To attain its objectives, the division maintains a staff of experts in more than 20 environmental and engineering disciplines. The division's range of technical expertise allows it to perform balanced, independent evaluations of complex and controversial projects.

Prior to 1975, utilities were required to go through a multi-year process to obtain permits from numerous federal, state and local agencies before constructing new power plants. The Legislature established the California Energy Commission in 1975 and mandated a comprehensive siting process for new power plants. The Legislature gave the Energy Commission the statutory authority to license thermal power plants of 50 megawatts or greater along with the transmission lines, fuel supply lines, and related facilities to serve them.

The division is organized into six offices:

  • Siting Office
  • Compliance Office
  • Environmental Protection Office
  • Engineering Office
  • Strategic Transmission Planning and Corridor Designation Office
  • Administration and Special Projects Office

Special Siting Division Meetings and Workshops

Watch this space for information on meetings regarding the Siting process, including proposed changes.

Note: Meetings for specific power plants licensing cases are located on that specific plant's webpage. Go to: for a list of current projects before the Commission.


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