Bear Valley Unified School District provides its 3,000 students with cleaner buses that significantly reduce pollution and improve the health and air quality of the region.

Bear Valley Unified School District joins other California school districts in greening its transportation fleet by building the area’s first compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station at its transportation facility. The installation allows the district to expand its present fleet of CNG buses from 5 to 19, replacing the remaining 14 diesel buses over the next six years. The district will also save time and money by having CNG buses that can refuel onsite instead of having to make a 68-mile round trip to do so, which was required previously.

CNG school buses will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20 to 30 percent, cutting pollution and improving air quality for Big Bear residents. Another bonus: CNG currently costs up to 50 percent less than diesel or gasoline.

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  • The project created 10 construction-phase jobs and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Eventual conversion to CNG-only school bus fleet will eliminate need for a 10,000-gallon diesel tank at the transportation facility.

  • The project effectively leveraged public investment, garnering more than $220,000 in matching funds.

  • Money saved can be used for educational purposes.

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Natural Gas Infrastructure

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In operation since October 2013.


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