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California Energy Demand 2010 - 2020 Commission-Adopted Forecast

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Publication Number: CEC-200-2009-012-CMF
Publication Date: December 2009

Adopted by the California Energy Commission December 16, 2009


The California Energy Demand 2010-2020 Adopted Forecast presents 2010-2020 electricity, peak demand, and natural gas demand forecasts for each utility planning area in California and for the state as a whole. The report supports the 2007 Integrated Energy Policy Report and the 2008 Integrated Energy Policy Report Update analysis and recommendations. In particular, this document addresses staff progress in the measuring and attributing energy efficiency program impacts within the forecast.

The report's energy consumption and peak forecasts are lower than the 2008-2018 forecasts previously produced for the 2007 Integrated Energy Policy Report, primarily because of worsening economic conditions. Compared to the previous forecast, projected electricity consumption is down by more than 5 percent, and peak demand is down by almost 4 percent in 2018. However, beyond the short run, electricity consumption and peak demand growth are expected to match rates projected in the 2007 Integrated Energy Policy Report.

Keywords: Demand, consumption, weather-adjusted, peak, natural gas, self-generation, conservation, energy efficiency, California Solar Initiative, economic scenario