2011 Energy Policy
Report Forms and Instructions

Docket # 11-IEP-1

The forms and instructions on this page are the final adopted versions of data collection requests under the 2011 IEPR proceeding. Draft versions of these reports are located on the main 2011 IEPR documents page. Please see the individual reports for more specific information about what is being requested and when it may be due.

Electric Transmission-related Data

Forms and Instructions for Electric Transmission-related Data
publication # CEC-700-2010-018-CMF, adopted January 12, 2011.
(PDF file, 17 pages, 311 kilobytes)

Electricity Resource Plans

Forms and Instructions for Submitting Electricity Resource Plans
publication # CEC-200-2010-009-CMF, adopted December 15, 2010.
(PDF file, 78 pages, 898 kilobytes)

Electricity Resource Supply Forms Spreadsheet
adopted December 15, 2010.
(Excel file, 104 kb)

Demand Forecasts

Instructions for Submitting Demand Forecasts
publication # CEC-200-2010-007-CMF, adopted December 15, 2010.
(PDF file, 44 pages, 369 kilobytes)

Electricity Demand Forecast Forms Spreadsheet
Load-serving entities whose annual peak demand in the last two years exceeded 200 MW.
(Excel file, 541 kb)