HERS Providers & Raters

HERS Providers are approved by the Energy Commission based on, among other requirements indicated in the HERS Regulations, the Providers' ability to create and maintain a Registry and Database, to provide ongoing access of the Registry and Database to Energy Commission staff, to train and certify HERS Raters, to create a Quality Assurance Program and conduct quality assurance on HERS Raters' work, and to report annually to the Energy Commission certain data as required by the HERS Regulations.

HERS Providers are approved to train and oversee Raters conducting HERS verification in Residential and Nonresidential newly constructed buildings, additions, and alterations; the New Solar Homes Partnership Program (newly constructed residential buildings); and to conduct California Whole-House Home Energy Ratings.

To find a HERS Rater near you, please contact one of the approved HERS Providers shown below. Please note whether the Provider you are contacting is approved to perform the service you are seeking to contract. If you have any questions, please contact the Energy Standards Hotline.

California Certified Energy Rating & Testing Services (CalCERTS).
Approved Activities: Field Verification for Newly Constructed, Additions, and Alterations of Residential & Nonresidential Buildings; California Whole-House Home Energy Ratings; HERS Building Performance Contractors; New Solar Homes Partnership Program.

U.S. Energy Raters Association (USERA).
Approved Activities: Field Verification for Alterations of Residential & Nonresidential Buildings, Enalasys as Third-Party Quality Control Program for Alternations of Residential & Nonresidential Buildings.

ConSol Home Energy Efficiency Rating Services, Inc. (CHEERS).
Approved Activities: Field Verification for Newly-Constructed Residential Buildings, New Solar Homes Partnership Program.