AB 1632 Nuclear Power Plant Assessment

California Assembly Bill 1632 (Blakeslee, Chapter 722, Statutes of 2006; Public Resources Code 25303) directs the Calfornia Energy Commission to compile and assess existing scientific studies (from experts in subject areas) to determine the potential vulnerabilities of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) and Diablo Canyon to a major disruption due to a major seismic event or plant aging.

AB 1632 also directs the Energy Commission to assess the impacts of such a disruption, to assess the costs and impacts from nuclear waste accumulating at these plants, and to evaluate other major issues related to the future role of these plants in the state's energy portfolio.

We would like to provide the public an opportunity to suggest scientific studies for consideration and review as part of the AB 1632 Nuclear Power Plant Assessment.

A partial representative list of scientific studies for each major topic in the AB 1632 Nuclear Power Plant Assessment is provided in the AB 1632 Study Plan.

It is located on line at:


If you have any suggestions for additional scientific studies or reports that you would like to have considered for the AB 1632 Nuclear Power Plant Assessment and that have not been previously submitted or identified in the Study Plan, please e-mail them to:


Please e-mail to us before March 21, 2008.

Please include a title and complete reference for each report. Please also indicate in which general topic area this report should be considered for review.

General topic areas include: seismic vulnerability, plant aging, impact of a major disruption, implications of nuclear waste accumulation, lifecycle costs and environmental impacts, options for baseload replacement, impacts of rising fuel, personnel and security costs, local economic impacts of nuclear power and alternatives, and benefits and costs of license extensions for Diablo Canyon and SONGS.

Thank you.

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For more information: http://www.energy.ca.gov/ab1632/index.html