Fuels and Transportation Technology Merit Review

Docket Number: 15-MISC-04

Lead Commissioner: Janea A. Scott

The California Energy Commission has initiated a Technology Merit Review under the Alternative and Renewable Fuels and Vehicle Technology Program (ARFVTP). Activities include a series of workshops, analytical reports and one-on-one meetings to address critical barriers impeding commercialization of alternative transportation fuels and gather information and insights about:

  • The timing and impact of transportation energy technology advances

  • Cost structure changes

  • Improvements in performance characteristics

  • Market growth

  • Existing and new business models and practices that accelerate commercialization

  • The continued need, amounts, and configuration of government incentives and credits over time

  • Amounts of private investment needed and deployed and sources of investment

  • Key ingredients for success, lessons learned and pitfalls to avoid

The Energy Commission elicited testimony and received analytical studies from several stakeholders in the 2013 and 2014 Integrated Energy Policy Reports (IEPR) who noted the plausibility of increasing alternative and renewable transportation fuels two-to-six-fold by 2020 compared to 2008. In adopting the 2014 IEPR, the Energy Commission recommended exploring methods to better incorporate data collection, analysis and lessons learned from past ARFVTP investments to evaluate projects, market growth and business plans for target technologies and sectors. The 2014 IEPR also recommended action to identify, assess and initiate funding strategies that further leverage funds commensurate with the commercialization phases of technology and project development.

Projects evaluated in the Technology Merit Review contribute to an overall objective to stimulate a broad portfolio of options that help attain Governor Brown’s 2030 goals to reduce California greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent below 1990 levels and reduce vehicle petroleum use by 50 percent.

2015- 2016 Activities


The first event is a technology merit review workshop scheduled on September 18, 2015 in Sacramento to highlight key ingredients for success, lessons learned and pitfalls to avoid for development of California biofuel and biomethane projects with ARFVTP co-funding.

Beginning in 2008, the Energy Commission’s ARFVTP has co-funded nearly 40 biofuel and biomethane production projects in California to increase the capacity and production of renewable, low carbon intensity transportation fuels. Several projects have achieved commercial success and others are still under development.

Use of this information can benefit existing and future projects and help the Energy Commission adapt and improve future investment plans and solicitations. The workshop will also include comments from independent peer reviewers on each project presented. This is an initial step to establish an annual Technology Merit Review for ARFVTP projects and technology sectors.

Future workshops will address medium and heavy duty vehicles and electric vehicle charger infrastructure, deployment and costs.

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