2014 Appliance Efficiency Rulemaking
Federal Updates and Clarifications to Existing Regulations

Commissioner: Andrew McAllister

Docket # 13-AAER-1

The Energy Commission has opened a rulemaking proceeding to adopt proposed amendments to the Appliance Efficiency Regulations in Sections 1601-1608 of Title 20 of the California Code of Regulations (CCR).

The purpose of this rulemaking is to update appliance efficiency standards to reflect current federal law and regulations. Because of the wide-ranging additions and changes to federal appliance efficiency standards and test procedures, the Energy Commission's Appliance Efficiency Regulations no longer reflect current federal standards. This rulemaking is necessary to maintain consistency with federal standards and regulations.

While the majority of changes are federal updates, a few changes to state regulations are also included in this rulemaking. These changes correct typographical and formatting errors, remove obsolete language, reduce some compliance filings and clarify areas that have resulted in confusion among the regulated community.
Rulemaking Documents

For questions about this proceeding, contact:

Harinder Singh
California Energy Commission
Appliances and Existing Buildings Office
1516 Ninth Street, MS-25
Sacramento, CA 95814-5512

Proceeding Information


For questions about the Appliance Efficiency Program, please call the Energy Standards Hotline.

For members of the news media, please contact the Media and Public Communications Office at 916-654-4989.


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