Appliance Efficiency Compliance

The Appliance Efficiency Program requires that the manufacturers of certain appliances meet state and federal standards for energy and water efficiency. Manufacturers must also certify the performance of their appliances to the Energy Commission to demonstrate compliance with the standards and make this information available to the public.

Appliance Efficiency Database System (MAEDBS)

Beginning August 6, 2015, all appliances regulated under Title 20 must be certified to the California Energy Commission using the modernized appliance efficiency database system (MAEDBS). Thus, the Energy Commission will no longer be accepting appliance certification submittals and applications through email.

Before the launch date, usernames and temporary passwords will be emailed to those who have recently submitted appliance data for certification. All other users will need to create a new account.

The Appliance Unit of the Energy Commission is hosting educational webinars to educate all parties on how to use the MAEDBS interface. A listing of dates and times for these one hour webinars may be found under "Upcoming Events" (

Questions about the modernized appliance efficiency database system or general compliance questions should be directed to


  • Instructions for using the appliance search database and company search database:

  • Instructions for registering an account, adding users to an account, and submitting a test laboratory application, third party certifier application, or a delegation of authority application:


  • Certification Packets for Appliances - Will be available on August 6, 2015.


  • Submitting Appliance Data - Frequently Asked Questions - Coming August 2015

Questions about the MAEDBS can be directed to


Title 20 Compliance Assistance Listserv
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