Diversity Commitment

The Energy Commission’s successes result from the diverse qualities and abilities of its employees. Our mission includes a commitment that all Californians have an opportunity to participate in and benefit from the agency’s programs and services. The Energy Commission’s ongoing Diversity Outreach is highlighted in the work conducted by its divisions.


On November 7, 2013 Chair Weisenmiller expressed a formal commitment to increase the participation of diverse business enterprises in the implementation of the EPIC program. Commissioner Janea Scott made a similar commitment for the ARFVTP program and in February 2014 the California Energy Commission formed a Diversity Working Group to create a commission-wide approach for this priority and help coordinate diversity efforts within our agency.

On April 8, 2015 the California Energy Commission adopted the Diversity Policy Resolution (PDF) outlining its commitment to ensure all Californians have an opportunity to participate in and benefit from Energy Commission programs that can lead to job creation and training, improved air quality, and energy efficiency and environmental gains. The three goals are:

  1. Increase participation of diverse business enterprises in Energy Commission funding opportunities
  2. Increase Energy Commission program benefits in disadvantaged communities as defined by Cal EnviroScreen .
  3. Increase diversity at the California Energy Commission to ensure all Californians have an opportunity to apply for career and procurement opportunities.

The resolution recognizes that California’s energy goals can best be met by tapping into the diversity of thought, talent, and perspective evident in its many communities and to encourage disadvantaged and underrepresented businesses and communities – including disabled veteran-, women-, LGBT- and minority-owned businesses – to engage in and benefit from our many programs.

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