CTEK Inc. Case Settles for $100,000

This page last reviewed: March 8, 2017

CTEK Inc. (CTEK) is a Sweden based company that manufactures automotive battery chargers (chargers). From February 2013 through August 2016, CTEK sold or offered for sale non-compliant chargers in California through various retailers and distributors.

The California Energy Commission (Commission) staff tested two of these chargers at the California State University, Sacramento - College of Engineering Energy Efficiency Laboratory and found them to be in violation of the Appliance Efficiency Regulations governing chargers. These chargers did not meet the energy efficiency standards, were not marked correctly, and were incorrectly certified to the Appliance Efficiency Database (Database).

To settle this matter, CTEK executed a settlement agreement (agreement) with the Commission on February 27, 2017, for $100,000.00. CTEK has also reengineered their chargers to comply with the energy efficiency standard. They also agreed to certify each basic model to the Database, add the required markings to the product and packaging, and to update all Database listings with the new test data within 90 days of the execution of the agreement. This investigation started as a result of an anonymous complaint. The penalty monies are deposited into the Appliance Enforcement Subaccount established by SB 454 of 2011(Pavley).