Current, powered by GE Case Settles for $4,516

This page last reviewed: June 21, 2017

Current, powered by GE (Current) is a Boston, Massachusetts based company that combines technologies like LED and solar with networked sensors and software to make commercial buildings and industrial facilities more energy efficient and productive. From January 2016 through February 2017, Current, a division of GE, sold or offered for sale eight lighting ballasts in California that were not certified to the Appliance Efficiency Database (Database), per the Appliance Efficiency Regulations.

Current discovered the issue internally and promptly reported the problem to the California Energy Commission (Energy Commission), and immediately placed a product hold on the ballasts to block any future product shipments by Current to California-based distributors pending certification of the ballasts with the Energy Commission.

To settle this matter, Current executed a settlement agreement with the Energy Commission on June 15, 2017, and in consideration of the agreement paid the Energy Commission $4,516.00. Current has also certified each of the lighting ballast models to the Database. The company is now in full compliance. The penalty monies are deposited into the Appliance Efficiency Enforcement Subaccount established by SB 454 of 2011 (Pavley).