Executive Office of the California Energy Commission

The Executive Office is in charge of the day to day staff operations of the Energy Commission. Under the direction of the Executive Director, who serves at the pleasure of the Commissioners, the office directs the activities and actions of the four divisions and other staff of the Commission.

Office of the Executive Director

Drew Bohan, Executive Director

Vacant, Chief Deputy Director

Barry Steinhart, Assistant Executive Director, Office of Governmental Affairs
Albert Lundeen, Deputy Executive Director for Strategic Planning and Media
Lisa Negri, Assistant Executive Director, Audits, Investigations, and Program Review
Heather Raitt, Assistant Executive Director for Policy Development
Paul Jacobs, Assistant Executive Director for Compliance Assistance and Enforcement
Justin Cochran, Senior Nuclear Policy Advisor and Emergency Response Coordinator

Contact Information

Past Energy Commission Executive Directors

Loyd Forrest 1975 to 1978
Jim Walker 1978 to 1979
John Geesman 1979 to 1983
Randy Ward 1983 to 1986
Stephen Rhoads 1986 to 1992
B.B Blevins 1992 to 1995
Stephen Rhoads 1995 to 2000
Steve Larson 2000 to 2003
Robert Therkelsen 2003 to 2005
B.B Blevins 2005 to 2007
Melissa Jones 2008 to 2011
Robert P. Oglesby 2011 to 2017

Organizational Chart