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Photo of Commissioner Weissenmiller

Letter from the Chair

ISO Control Room

California ISO's Evolution Into Regional Grid Organization Focus of Workshop

Transforming the ISO into a regional grid operator

California Energy Commission

Blue Car

New Plan for California's Investments in Alternative Fuels and Vehicles

Commission has approved a new plan for investing in alternative fuel and vehicle technology

California Energy Commission

New home with solar

New Homes With Solar Installed Rising Steeply Under New Solar Homes Partnership Program

Solar systems installed in new homes in California has increased dramatically

California Energy Commission


Searchable Database on Schools That Are Saving Energy From Proposition 39

An online searchable database of the California Energy Jobs Act (Proposition 39) projects is available

California Energy Commission

Lassen trees dead

Energy Commission's Bioenergy Grant Opportunity Addresses Dying Forests

Grant funding opportunity focused heavily on research and development projects that convert waste timber to energy

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Leaders at meeting

Subnational Governments Committed to Fight Against Climate Change Gather in San Francisco

Leaders from around the world gather in San Francisco

California Energy Commission

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R&D Investments Help California Take EPIC Steps Toward Energy Goals

Millions of dollars in innovative clean energy technologies and strategies invested

California Energy Commission


Did you know?

Very cool roofs

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  • New electric vehicle charging stations opened at a Santa Clara multi-story parking structure directly across from the main entrance of Levi's Stadium. The 49 stations, including a DC fast charger, were funded through Energy Commission grants. The parking structure, which the city of Santa Clara owns, is also within walking distance to California's Great America theme park and the Santa Clara Convention Center.
  • The Energy Commission held a workshop on proposed energy efficiency standards for computers, monitors, and signage displays. The proposal would potentially save about 2,500 gigawatt hours per year and reduce utility bills more than $400 million annually by 2024. This is enough electricity savings to power all the homes in San Francisco for a year. The Energy Commission is expected to adopt the proposed standards by the end of the year.


  • The Coalition for Clean Air honored Commissioner Janea A. Scott as one of three "Queens of EV" at its 2016 California Clean Air Awards. As the lead commissioner on transportation, Commissioner Scott helps oversee the Commission's Alternative & Renewable Fuel & Vehicle Technology Program. The program awards up to $100 million annually to leverage private investment to transform California's vehicle fleet, including battery electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles.
  • The Energy Commission hosted the first in a series of joint agency public workshops that will eventually chart a path towards the commercialization of microgrids in California. Staff, along with representatives from the California Public Utilities Commission and the California Independent System Operator discussed how stakeholders including utilities, microgrid owners and manufacturers can help address barriers hindering their widespread deployment.


  • The Energy Commission released an updated draft analysis for energy efficiency standards for pool and spa pumps and motors. By the year that stock turns over in 2026, the proposed standards would have a combined annual savings of about 1,438 gigawatt-hours. This amount equates to roughly $230 million in annual savings to California businesses and individuals. In addition, greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced by 496 thousand tons of carbon dioxide equivalents annually. The Energy Commission is expected to adopt proposed standards early next year.
  • The California High-Speed Rail Authority and the Energy Commission announced signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that will ensure the high-speed rail program will help California meets its climate goals and become a greener state. The MOU allows increased cooperation between the two to explore the latest green technology and best practices during the design and construction of the nation's first high-speed rail system. It will help facilitate the use of renewable energy, the delivery of zero net energy buildings and incorporation of zero emission vehicle infrastructure in California as part of the rail system.
  • The Energy Commission welcomed new hydrogen refueling stations. Stations that opened in recent months include stations in: Campbell, Costa Mesa, Fairfax-LA, Long Beach, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Saratoga and South San Francisco. The Commission has provided funding for 49 hydrogen stations. It is working to ensure as many of them as possible are open by the end of 2016 with plans to fund up to 100 for the initial introduction of hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles in the California marketplace.
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