Office of Governmental Affairs of the California Energy Commission

The Office of Governmental Affairs (OGA) is the staff liaison between the Energy Commission, Resources Agency, Office of the Governor and the Legislature, providing timely and accurate information in a manner consistent with promoting a strong economy through energy efficiency and conservation, and ensuring a healthy environment for California.

OGA's roles and responsibilities include:

  • Coordinate the process of developing Commission-sponsored legislation.
  • Work with Legislative Author(s) to secure bill introduction and passage on all approved legislation.
  • Review all legislation introduced in the legislature for its potential impact upon the Energy Commission.
  • Monitor and track all legislatively mandated reports.
  • Provide analyses and recommended positions on Energy Commission direct-impact bills to the Resources Agency and the Governor's Office.
  • Prepare for the Governor enrolled bill reports on measures passed by the legislature, recommending signature or veto.
  • Review and answer questions received from Legislators and their staff on various energy issues.
  • Coordinate as needed legislative hearings.

Mission Statement

OGA has as its primary mission the establishment and maintenance of a cooperative relationship with the Energy Commissioners and their staff and the members of the California Legislature and their staff.

This relationship includes:

  • Providing lawful and timely information to the Legislature in the context of the Energy Commission's policy objectives.
  • Providing accurate and timely analyses and fiscal assessments on legislation affecting the Energy Commission.
  • Handling sensitive legislative requests concerning Energy Commission staff and our stakeholders.

How to Contact Us

Phone: 916-654-4942
E-mail: OGA @

OGA Staff

  • Jay Dickenson, Director of Governmental Affairs
  • Melissa Rae King, Legislative Manager
  • Neil Amos, Legislative Analyst
  • Susan Chan, Legislative Analyst
  • Abigail May, Legislative Analyst
  • Jana Romero, Legislative Analyst
  • Mary Cole, Legislative Assistant