INTRODUCED BY   Assembly Member Leonard

                        FEBRUARY 15, 2000

   Assembly Concurrent Resolution No. 127--Relative to Charles R.


   ACR 127, as introduced, Leonard.  Charles R.  Imbrecht.
   This measure would commemorate the life of Charles Richard
Imbrecht and honor his many professional and personal
accomplishments, including his outstanding public service.
   Fiscal committee:  no.

   WHEREAS, Former Assembly Member Charles Richard Imbrecht passed
away on January 18, 1999, in Pasadena, California, from a heart
attack; and
   WHEREAS, Charles R. Imbrecht was born in Ventura, California, on
February 4, 1949, attended Ventura High School and Occidental
College, and went on to receive his law degree from Loyola University
in Los Angeles; and
   WHEREAS, His long and distinguished career in public service began
in 1974 when he worked as a staff attorney for the Interstate
Commerce Commission in Washington D.C., but his keen interest in
politics led him to return to Ventura two years later to run for
election in the 36th State Assembly district; and
   WHEREAS, Imbrecht ran unopposed in the Republican primary and went
on to claim an upset victory in the general election, and was
reelected to the Assembly in 1978 and again in 1980; and
   WHEREAS, As Vice-Chair of the Assembly Committee on Ways and
Means, Chuck Imbrecht was the lead Assembly Republican on the budget,
and he was responsible for insuring that there were no tax
increases, that education received additional funds, and that cities
were not required to bail out the state; and
   WHEREAS, During his tenure, he correctly pointed out that
education was not receiving its fair share of revenues and that
education was one of the lowest priorities when it came to state
spending, and his work in this area set the stage for Proposition 98,
which now guarantees a fair share of state expenditures for
education; and
   WHEREAS, Some of Charles Imbrecht's legislative accomplishments
include:      Authorizing local governments to establish zoning for
mobile homes, thus affording elderly and low-income persons an
alternative source of housing.      Establishing statutory procedures
for the disclosure and examination of expert witnesses in
litigation, thus encouraging settlement and eliminating undue delay
of trials.      Establishing grants from the California Environmental
Protection Program Fund to counties for the study of computerization
of environmental information dealing with natural resources and land
use, thus making preparation of environmental impact reports faster
and less costly.      Creating the Intergenerational Child Care Act
of 1979 that encouraged the use of senior citizen aides in child care
programs, thus enriching the lives of children and utilizing the
experience of our seniors.      Authorizing the award of joint
parental custody of minor children in divorce situations, thus
promoting the best interests of a child.      Authorizing a minor to
consent to mental health treatment on an outpatient basis, without
the consent of a parent or guardian, thus helping young people to
receive needed treatment.      Creating the Ventura County Court
Services Consolidation Act of 1980, consolidating the sheriff's and
marshall's offices in Ventura County to serve the superior and
municipal courts, thus eliminating duplication of services, saving
the county over $1 million annually, and serving as a prototype for
other counties.      Authorizing larger charitable deductions for
corporations that donated computers to schools, thus resulting in an
Apple computer being placed in every school in the state; and
   WHEREAS, In 1981, Charles Imbrecht was named as one of the "Five
Outstanding Young Men of California" by the Junior Chamber of
Commerce of California; and
   WHEREAS, He was the recipient of the Ventura Business and
Professional Women's Club "Top Hat Award" for his efforts in
providing equal opportunities for working women; and
   WHEREAS, The California Journal assessed the relative
effectiveness of Members of the Assembly and categorized Imbrecht as
one of the eight "patriarchs of the Assembly--the uncontested leaders
... who have the reins of power in the lower house"; and
   WHEREAS, In 1982, Charles Imbrecht was named by the Los Angeles
Herald Examiner as one of the "Five Most Effective Legislators" in
both houses of the State Legislature; and
   WHEREAS, Charles R. Imbrecht was appointed Chair of the California
Energy Commission by Governors George Deukmejian and Pete Wilson;
and served in that capacity from 1983 through 1997; and
   WHEREAS, While serving on the Energy Commission, Chuck initiated
the deregulation of electrical service, and encouraged the use of
alternative energy sources for electricity and alternative
transportation fuels; and
   WHEREAS, Chuck participated in establishing the federal standards
for consumer products which became the National Appliance Energy
Conservation Act of 1987, which was based on the standards developed
by the California Energy Commission; and
   WHEREAS, Under his tutelage in the 1980s, new efficiency
regulations for buildings and appliances, such as refrigerators and
air conditioners, were adopted that have saved Californians billions
of dollars and were the first in the nation, and are credited with
saving over $1.4 billion in 1998, equivalent to the electricity
generated by five nuclear plants; and
   WHEREAS, He also took an active role in drafting a subsequent bill
that included standards for commercial appliances and became the
Energy Policy Act of 1992; the standards followed very closely those
that had been developed by the California Energy Commission under
Chuck's leadership; and
   WHEREAS, Under his leadership the commission developed efficiency
standards for windows and required them to be labeled; new standards
were also created for refrigerators and clothes washers that are
expected to be adopted by the United States Department of Energy in
the next few months; and
   WHEREAS, Chuck's determination to open the public process, seeking
additional industry participation with lengthy discussion of issues,
allowed for a better understanding of the positions of interested
parties and achieved a balance between environmental and business
interests; and
   WHEREAS, Chuck provided leadership in the area of nuclear waste
transportation, so that California agencies involved with different
aspects of nuclear waste transportation had a common understanding of
California's interests and major issues; and
   WHEREAS, He represented California on various regional and federal
groups in planning for the transportation and disposal of nuclear
waste, including the Western Governors' Association Transport
Advisory Group for Nuclear Waste Shipments and the Western Interstate
Energy Board, and was appointed by Governors Deukmejian and Wilson
to be the State Liaison Officer representing California before the
Nuclear Regulatory Commission; and
   WHEREAS, Chuck was instrumental in the formulation and development
of a model for the nuclear waste transportation program and policies
for large quantity federal nuclear waste shipments in the United
States; and
   WHEREAS, Chuck assisted Malaysia's national electric utility in
developing a national energy efficiency plan and undertaking
demonstration projects to introduce efficient lighting, variable
speed motors, and cogeneration in commercial buildings and factories,
and as a result of these efforts, California energy businesses will
reap a $500,000,000 market for equipment and sales and service
contracts in Malaysia over the next four years; and
   WHEREAS, The Energy Commission under Chuck Imbrecht's leadership
ensured that California's electricity supply needs would be met by
adding a third major transmission line from the Pacific northwest, by
focusing on the dispute between investor-owned and municipal
utilities over access to inexpensive power from the northwest, and by
spearheading negotiations leading to the construction of the
California-Oregon transmission project which increased California's
access to surplus and cheaper hydroelectric energy resulting in lower
energy costs; and
   WHEREAS, As a result of Chuck Imbrecht's vision, the Energy
Commission was the first agency to advocate a "let the market decide"
policy for determining the need for additional natural gas
pipelines, developing sophisticated computer analyses of natural gas
supply and demand for the entire North American continent to evaluate
the effect on prices to the consumer if new pipelines, with the
ability to transport natural gas well in excess of projected needs,
were built; and these analyses proved that the greatest benefit to
consumers would occur if all the proposed pipelines were built and
allowed to compete for market share; and
   WHEREAS, His novel analytical approach, which rejected the
traditional view that pipeline capacity should be limited to
projected demand, was a major step toward introducing competition
into California's natural gas market, and this change in regulatory
philosophy fostered competition among gas suppliers and shippers for
the opportunity to serve California's needs, resulting in the
construction of three additional major pipelines to transport
supplies from outside California to satisfy the state's natural gas
requirements, lowering the price of natural gas from all supply
sources, and saving California consumers an amount that is expected
to cumulatively exceed $5.8 billion by the year 2015, when compared
to what consumers would have paid for natural gas if traditional
regulatory ideas had been followed; this policy also allowed natural
gas to become a primary fuel for new power plants as well as fuel for
use in the state's old fleet of plants, which greatly reduced air
pollutant emissions in California; and
   WHEREAS, Since 1988, during his tenure, the Energy Commission's
Safe School Bus Demonstration Program has replaced 826 pre-1977 buses
with new safer schoolbuses in 128 school district fleets, with half
of these new buses powered by fuels other than gasoline or diesel;
   WHEREAS, Chuck Imbrecht acquired millions of dollars of Petroleum
Violation Escrow Account funds in 1986 to begin the largest test and
demonstration of alternative fuels in light-duty vehicles, heavy-duty
diesel engines, schoolbuses, passenger vans, and fuel supply
infrastructure in the nation and, with these funds, helped underwrite
the differential costs of thousands of cleaner-burning vehicles that
improved air quality and reduced California's near 100 percent
reliance on petroleum in the transportation sector; and
   WHEREAS, Chuck's belief in and support of alternative
transportation fuels led to the creation of the statewide Drive Clean
California campaign in 1992, and he enlisted air quality agencies,
auto manufacturers, and fuel suppliers to help the Energy Commission
and Governor Pete Wilson promote the use of alternative fuel vehicles
and fuels in California fleets, resulting in more than 7,000
methanol, natural gas, and electric vehicles being purchased and
demonstrated in fleets throughout the state over a five-year period,
to provide the real world operational data necessary for the
California Air Resources Board to confidently develop its low
emission vehicle regulations; and
   WHEREAS, Chuck promoted the development of renewable resources in
California, and renewable resources now provide 13 percent of
California's energy mix and represent an $18 billion industry that
supports 15,000 jobs in the state; and
   WHEREAS, In 1992 he received the Commission of the European
Community International Augustine Mouchot Prize for his leadership in
alternative energy development; and
   WHEREAS, In 1996 he was honored with the Charles Percy Award in
Washington D.C. for his contribution in the energy field; and
   WHEREAS, In 1998 and 1999, Imbrecht served as vice president and
general counsel to CAL-Start, a Pasadena-based nonprofit consortium
of more than 200 companies dedicated to the development of improved
transportation technology; and
   WHEREAS, Chuck was an avid swimmer, skier, and boater; he spent
time every summer at Lake Tahoe; and he loved to travel; and
   WHEREAS, Charles is survived by his wife of 20 years, Alida
Bergseid Imbrecht, daughters Erica, 12, and Emily, 8, his mother
Hazel, and numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins; now, therefore, be it

   Resolved by the Assembly of the State of California, the Senate
thereof concurring, That the Legislature commemorates the life of
Charles Richard Imbrecht, and honors his many professional and
personal accomplishments, including his outstanding public service;
and be it further
   Resolved, That the Chief Clerk of the Assembly transmit copies of
this resolution to Chuck's wife Alida, daughters Erica and Emily, and
his mother Hazel Imbrecht of Ventura, California.