Anticipated Natural Gas Research and Development
Funding Opportunities

As of August 12, 2013

Information about potential upcoming funding opportunities will be posted to this page as it becomes available. Information posted on this page is subject to change. Funding opportunities in the form of solicitations are public requests for proposals to provide services, a specified product, and / or solve a defined problem under contractual agreement. The Energy Commission uses a variety of selection procedures.

The following are potential upcoming funding opportunities. The opportunities are listed for planning purposes. As such, they could be reduced, adjusted and / or removed based on the decisions by the Energy Commission. To receive an e-mail when contracts notices and solicitations are released, please subscribe to our list server.

Tentative Schedule Potential PIER Focus Area and Solicitation Name Summary of Proposed Research Estimated Budget (M = million)
Fall 2013 Energy Efficiency:
Building Energy Efficiency Research

Natural Gas Building Technology Grant Program

Potential funding of the following research projects that reduce natural gas use and improve public health:

Building Innovation Technologies

  • Space heating
  • Commercial cooking
  • Water heating
  • Zero net energy (ZNE) integration

Energy Efficiency Related Indoor Environmental Quality

$3.2 M Building Innovation Technology

$2.0 M Energy Efficiency Related Indoor Environmental Quality
Summer/Fall 2013

Energy Efficiency: Industrial Research

Emerging Technologies Demonstration Grant Program (ETDG III-Natural Gas)

Potential funding of research projects that reduce natural gas use and increase the energy efficiency of industrial processes

$8.341 M
Fall 2013

Renewable Energy:

  • Advanced Generation and Energy-related Environmental Research
  • Localized Efficient and Advanced Power and Heat Systems (LEAPS)
Potential funding of the following research projects that reduce natural gas use:
  • Improving efficiency and operational flexibility, reducing cost and emissions, and increasing use of renewable and alternative fuels in combined heat and power in industrial, commercial and residential applications.
  • Development and demonstration of distributed generation/combined heat and power (DG/CHP) systems for associated gas from field oil and gas production.
  • Reducing the air quality impacts of natural gas fired appliances by developing high performing, energy efficient devices with potential to significantly reduce associated air pollution emissions in residential and commercial applications.
  • Reducing emissions from the direct use of biogas/biomethane, and addressing potential operational issues associated with use of low heating value gas, and post combustion technologies.
$6 M
Fall 2013 Transportation:
Advanced Natural Gas/Electric Hybrid Research and Development
Potential funding of the following research projects:
  • Research and development of advanced natural gas/electric hybrid concepts for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles with a goal to improve fuel efficiency and energy savings. The research projects are expected to reduce natural gas usage by using battery power to minimize emissions, idle, and low-load engine operation.
$2.7 M
Winter 2013 Transportation:
Development and Demonstration of Advanced Natural Gas Onboard Storage Tanks
Potential funding of the following research projects:
  • Develop and demonstrate the manufacturing viability and performance of on-board advanced natural gas fuel tanks. The research projects are expected to demonstrate low pressure, lightweight adsorption tanks, thus lowering costs associated with natural gas storage and increasing the vehicle operating range.
$1.2 M
Winter 2013 Energy Technology Systems:
Natural Gas Pipeline Safety

Natural Gas Pipeline Safety and Damage Prevention Grant
Potential funding of the following research projects:
  • Conduct research and demonstrations projects that shorten the path to market for technologies that prevent damage to the pipeline infrastructure, and increase public and non-utility industry employee knowledge on their roles in pipeline safety.
$2.1 M
Fall 2013* Energy Innovations Small Grant Program:
Natural Gas Research Grants
Transportation Research Grants

Potential funding of up to $95,000 for hardware projects and up to $50,000 for modeling projects to individuals, small businesses, non-profits, and academic institutions to conduct research that establishes the feasibility of new, innovative energy concepts. Research projects must cover one of the following R&D research areas: energy efficiency, renewable energy, energy-related environmental, clean energy generation, energy systems integration, transportation. The projects must address a California energy problem and provide potential benefits to California's electric and natural gas ratepayers. The term for these projects is for 12 months.

$1.7 M - Natural Gas

*Additional solicitations possible