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Electric Motorcycles are Quiet, Quick and Clean!

Zero Motorcycles designs, manufactures and sells high-performance, lightweight and fast electric motorcycles utilizing a fully recyclable Lithion-Ion power pack. The permanent magnet electric motor is capable of delivering instant torque from zero rpm and requires almost no maintenance.

Zero Motorcycles Grant for Advanced Electric Vehicle Powertrain Development and Pilot Manufacturing in California

Tanking up with E-85 reduces CO2 Emissions

Propel E85 is a clean-burning alternative to petroleum gasoline. Derived from fermented grains and sugars, it is formulated for use in FlexFuel engines. Unlike petroleum, E85 is made from renewable resources like corn, and next generation sources such as switch grass and agricultural waste material. Using E85 not only decreases CO2 emissions by up to 21%, but has also helped cut the consumption of crude oil by one million barrels a day. In addition, E85 ethanol improves vehicle performance due to a higher octane rating which provides more horsepower and torque.

California Department of General Services Grant Agreement ARV-09-006 for the California Low Carbon Fuels Infrastructure Investment Initiative

AC Transit Hydrogen Bus Fueling Station Oakland

The Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit) is constructing a new hydrogen bus fueling station in Oakland. The station’s capacity will provide enough hydrogen to fuel up to 24 buses a day. This contract leverages an existing federally- funded $65 million project that is providing twelve hydrogen fuel- cell buses to a consortium of Bay Area transit agencies that are being used in daily passenger service. The hydrogen fueling station under this contract will be built to supply these buses with hydrogen fuel.

AC Transit Hydrogen Bus Fueling Station Oakland

Cleaner Air for San Bernardino Region from New Natural Gas Trucks

The air quality in San Bernardino County will be improved from the deployment of over two hundred of these ultra low-emission, heavy-duty natural gas trucks.

San Bernardino Associated Governments

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