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Projects Map

Project data updated September 2013. Click any project icon for details.

This page contains a javascript supported Google Map map of locations of Drive projects. JavaScript must be enabled to view this map. For accessibility assistance, please see our contact information page.

(Please note: Not all projects funded through the ARFVTP are represented on the map above. For information on all projects funded by the ARFVTP please see the Reports and Data page. The Energy Commission makes no warranties, whether expressed or implied, as to the suitability of the project map for any particular purpose. Energy Commission staff will continue to refine this map as new information becomes available.)

Also available:


  • ARFVTP Projects by Category : Select and view projects by funding category in Google Maps.
  • ARFVTP Projects by Boundary: Select and view projects by utility service territory, air district, county or legislative district. (KMZ file, 16.4 MB)
    NOTE: Google Earth application must be installed to run this file.