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SL-1 2010 Energy Policy Initiatives Center, University of San Diego School of Law
The Solar Rights Act- a collection of laws which limits the ability of local organizations to restrict the installation of solar panels. This document provides an overview of these laws and related lawsuits. Specifically, it "discusses the ability of CC&Rs to restrict solar energy installations and how provisions of the Act limit the ability of local governments to restrict solar energy installations; provides information about the definition and use of solar easements; examines solar easements in new developments, as required and permitted by the Act."
SL-2 2009 Alvarez, Glassman & Colvin
This article summarizes the key provisions of the Solar Rights Act and Solar Shade Control Act, setting both Acts in context with the current green building movement. Those involved in green building should be aware of the interplay between these Acts and their likely impact on sustainable development in California.