POUs Energy Efficiency Progress Highlights

In 2006, AB 2021 mandated the POUs, in cooperation with the Energy Commission, to develop energy efficiency savings potentials and goals. Energy Commission staff is using annual energy savings targets as a means of tracking energy efficiency progress in the POUs and overall progress of all IOUs and POUs towards meeting statewide energy efficiency goals.

California Municipal Utilities Association (CMUA), on behalf of POUs, annually files Energy Efficiency in California’s Public Power Sector status report that tracks energy efficiency program savings and costs. In March 2008, CMUA provided the Energy Commission with their first progress report. Energy Commission staff analyzed annual data on efficiency program savings and expenditures relative to past years’ accomplishments and projections and to AB 2021 adopted goals.

Below is a summary of 2012 highlights

In 2012 POUs reported $127 million in combined spending on their energy efficiency programs. POUs reported achieving approximately 440 GWh in annual electricity savings and 82 MW in annual peak demand reduction. As a group POUs achieved 64 percent of their combined annual energy saving target that was established in 2007. Since 2006, thirty six POUs have spent $737 million on energy efficiency resulting in 2,705 GWh of reported electricity savings and 511 MW in peak demand reduction.

Figure 1: POU Reported Energy Savings and Program Expenditures in 2012.