Guidelines, Publications, Reports, and Applications Forms
for the Renewable Energy Program

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Overall Renewable Energy Program Guidebook

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Consumer Education Program

2007 Consumer Education Guidebook

See Consumer Education Archive for older materials produced under this program area.

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Customer Credit Program - Discontinued

This program has been discontinued, and its Guidebook and links have been removed. Below is the final report to the Governor and Legislature about this program.

Customer Credit Renewable Resources Account: Report to the Governor and Legislature - Commission Report, publication Number 500-03-008F. On line April 21, 2003, (Adobe Acrobat PDF file, 42 pages, 355 kb)

Note: Old guidebooks are archived. Click here.

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Emerging Renewables (Rebate) Program - Discontinued

The program was discontinued in July 2012. The guidebook and forms may be found on the Archive page.

Existing Renewable Facilities Program

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New Renewable Facilities Program

Supplemental energy payments have been discontinued.

Note: Old guidebooks are archived. Click here.

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New Solar Homes Partnership (NSHP) Program

New Solar Homes Partnership (NSHP) Guidebook - Fifth Edition, publication # CEC-300-2012-007-ED5-CMF. Adopted: September 12, 2012. (PDF file, 90 pages, 1 mb)

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Pilot Performance-Based Incentive Program - Concluded

The Pilot PBI Program has concluded.

Preliminary Evaluation of Pilot Performance-Based Incentive Program, Staff Report, publication # CEC-300-2007-011. Posted: September 17, 2007. (PDF file, 58 pgs, 720 kb)

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Renewables Portfolio Standard Program

Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS) Eligibility Guidebook (Seventh Edition), publication # CEC-300-2013-005-ED7-CMF, adopted April 30, 2013. Revised Edition posted November 20, 2013. (PDF file, 316 pages, 1.9 megabytes)
Updated to include the forms that were finalized to be consistent with the Enforcement Procedures for the Renewables Portfolio Standard for Local Publicly Owned Electric Utilities, as adopted by the Energy Commission, as part of Appendix B. No revisions were made to the body of the guidebook or other the appendices.

Resolution (No. 14-1007-10) to allow creation of retroactive Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and extend the deadline for the Interim Tracking System for the Renewables Portfolio Standard. Adopted October 7, 2014.

Resolution establishing a Time-Extension Process (No. 14-0422-11) to extend and waive application deadlines for certification. Adopted April 22, 2014.
The process for requesting an extension or waiver is outlined in the Resolution.

2014 RPS Reporting Instructions
Posted May 26, 2015.

Application forms for Certification or Precertification

CEC-RPS-1 (Application for Certification or Precertification. Updated June 13, 2013, MS Excel file)

CEC-RPS-1.S4 (Supplemental for biomethane production facilities. Updated May 17, 2013, MS Excel file)

CEC-RPS-1.S5 (Supplemental for biomethane common carrier pipeline delivery. Updated May 17, 2013, MS Excel File)

CEC-RPS-3 (Application for Aggregated Units. Updated May 17, 2013, MS Excel file)

Verification Forms

WREGIS State/Provincial/Voluntary Compliance Report and WREGIS e-Tag Summary Report Attestation Form

CEC-RPS-Multifuel(Multifuel and Attestation Form. Updated May 17, 2013, MS Excel file)

CEC-RPS-Biomethane (Biomethane reporting form. Updated May 17, 2013, MS Excel file)

CEC-RPS-GEN (Generation for facilities not tracked in WREGIS. Updated May 17, 2013, MS Excel file)

CEC-RPS-TRACK (Procurement Claims for LSE not in WREGIS. Updated October 23, 2013, MS Excel file)

Publicly Owned Utilities forms Only

CEC-RPS-POU (Annual report for POUs. Updated May 8, 2015, MS Excel file)

CEC-RPS-Hourly (Hourly meter for PCC1 not directly connected to a CBA. Updated October 9, 2013, MS Excel file)

CEC-RPS-eTag (eTag summary report not tracked in WREGIS. Updated May 3, 2014, MS Excel file)

CEC-RPS-HCO (Historic Carryover claims. Updated October 10, 2013, MS Excel file)

Other Reports on the RPS

The Progress of California's Publicly Owned Utilities In Meeting The State's Renewable Portfolio Standard Requirements - CONSULTANT REPORT, publication # CEC-300-2008-005, posted December 11, 2008. (PDF file, 48 pgs, 688 kb)

Renewables Portfolio Standard 2005 Procurement Verification- Commission Final Report, publication # CEC-300-2007-001-CMF, adopted August 1, 2007. (PDF file, 131 pages, 508 kb)

A Summary and Comparison of the Time of Delivery Factors Developed by the California Investor-Owned Utilities for Use in Renewable Portfolio Standard Solicitations, publication # CEC-300-2006-015, adopted August 2006. (PDF file, 30 pages, 436 kb)

Summary of California Energy Commission Renewables Portfolio Standards (RPS) Contractor Reports and the Status of RPS Contracting and Regulations, publication # CEC-300-2006-012, adopted June 23, 2006. (PDF file, 27 pages, 103 kb)

Building a "Margin of Safety" Into Renewable Energy Procurements: A Review of Experience with Contract Failure, publication # CEC-300-2006-004, adopted January 2006. (PDF file, 53 pages, 852 kb)

Publicly Owned Electric Utilities and the California Renewable Portfolio Standard: A Summary of Data Collection Activities, publication # CEC-300-2005-023, adopted November 4, 2005. (PDF file, 29 pages, 222 kb)

Preliminary Stakeholder Evaluation of the California Renewables Portfolio Standard, publication # CEC-300-2005-011, adopted June 17, 2005. (PDF file, 70 pages, 856 kb)

Note: Old guidebooks are archived. Click here.

Senate Bill 1 - Conditions for Solar Energy System Incentives

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Other / Miscellaneous Reports

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