Environmental Research -
Air Quality and Energy

Parts of California have some of the worst air quality in the U.S. This poor air quality creates challenges when siting new electricity generation facilities. The purpose of the Air Quality focus area within PIER-EA is to develop tools, strategies, and technologies to

  • Identify the effects to air quality from electricity and natural gas production and use.
  • Reduce adverse air quality impacts associated with the energy system.
  • Assess potential air quality issues that may arise in the future from a rapidly evolving energy system.

To achieve these goals PIER-EA supports research that will improve understanding of the indoor and outdoor air quality implications of electricity generation and use in California, and create the knowledge base needed for sound decision-making and informed environmental policy relative to electricity and natural gas markets and technologies.

PIER-EA funds research enabling the capability to

  • Estimate impacts of emerging energy technologies and fuels on indoor and outdoor air quality.
  • Quantify the air quality impacts of energy efficiency and load management activities in order to maximize environmental and energy benefits.
  • Correlate indoor air quality, energy efficiency and building design on health and comfort.
  • Improve methods, tools, and data to assess the impacts of energy generation on nearby communities.

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