Industrial, Agriculture and Water Research Planning

The California Energy Commission and its Industrial, Agriculture and Water (IAW) research use multiple planning and investment avenues to pursue the strategic research and development vision articulated in legislation and in state energy policy. Strategic investments in research and development are critical to meet California's energy policy goals. To identify and select research projects that best reflect the state's energy priorities, PIER's IAW research uses these approaches:

  • Research Roadmaps - Research roadmaps to identify technology gaps and cutting-edge research opportunities are updated regularly.
  • Competitive Solicitations - Solicitations for research and demonstration projects ensure that promising new technologies are developed and publicized. The IAW research projects accelerate the adoption of promising technologies by demonstrating them in full-scale industrial settings, allowing businesses to evaluate their performance and thus reducing investment risk.
  • Advisory Board and Advisory Group Workshops and - PIER Advisory Group Workshops are held periodically to provide advice and feedback on research initiatives and to share information on other research activities.
  • Engaging the Research Community - The IAW program helps to engage and focus California's world-class scientists and engineers from universities, national laboratories, and the private sector on the state's energy sustainability priorities and industrial needs.

From 2003 to 2009, the IAW program engaged stakeholders from various industries to guide the development of research, development and demonstration roadmaps to guide funding priorities. Over the course of these efforts, the IAW program produced nine roadmap documents. These roadmaps were consolidated in 2009; the content and intent of each roadmap was largely preserved with data, policy and content updates constituting the bulk of revisions. The consolidated portfolio consists of eight chapters covering the following topics:

  • General & Miscellaneous Industrial
  • Natural Gas
  • Petroleum Refineries
  • Data Centers
  • Electronics
  • Food Processing
  • Water-Energy
  • PIER Cross-Cutting