Energy Technology Systems Integration

Energy Technology Systems Integration (ETSI) Research is performed in accordance with Section 25620 of the California Public Resources Code. Specific legislation regarding ETSI includes:

  • Senate Bill 1250 (pdf): Increase energy efficiency; increase renewable energy.
  • Energy Action Plan: Increase energy efficiency, renewable energy, and clean fossil generation; improve infrastructure.
  • Assembly Bill 32: An increase in statewide renewable energy generation to 33% by 2020.
  • Senate Bill 1565 (pdf): Requires that the Energy Commission adopt a strategic plan for the state's electric transmission grid.
  • Assembly Bill 1925 (pdf): Report on how state can accelerate adoption of Carbon Capture and Storage for industrial CO2.
  • Assembly Bill 2514 (pdf): Assessing the need for and amount of energy storage required to support the efficient operation of the California grid.

For more information on Energy Commission policy, please see the following: