Energy Technology Systems Integration Research Projects

Every year the Research and Development Division's Energy Technology Systems Integration (ETSI) Research Area funds multiple research, development and demonstration projects through competitive solicitations, grants, interagency agreements, and sole-source contracts. Projects are selected in accordance with predetermined research plans and state energy policies. For more information on the results of completed projects, please refer to the ETSI Publications page.

The following is a list of projects initiated during the 2010 calendar year:

  • Demonstration of Zinc-Flow Energy Storage System.
  • Pacific Gas & Electric Energy Storage Demonstration and Compressed Air Energy Storage Study.
  • Road mapping the California Smart Grid Through Risk Retirement.
  • California Smart Grid Center.
  • Defining the Pathway to the California Smart Grid of 2020 for Publicly Owned Utilities.
  • Application of Advanced Wide Area Early Warning Systems with Adaptive Protection.
  • EISG Awards for Research in electricity, natural gas and transportation areas.
  • Demonstration of micro grid technologies.
  • Energy storage vision for 2020.