Biomass research at the California Energy Commission focuses on science and technology related to the use of organic matter to produce electricity. This organic matter must be available on a renewable basis, and includes:

  • Agricultural crops,
  • Wood wastes and residues,
  • Animal wastes,
  • Municipal wastes, and
  • Aquatic plants.

The objective of biomass research is to support increased deployment and integration of biomass energy in communities throughout California and at the utility scale. Biomass energy research is an important component in the effort to reduce waste generated by communities, and this waste could potentially be used to generate electricity. In order to improve the quality of life for California's citizens, biomass research is conducted to develop environmentally sound, safe, reliable and affordable energy services and products to assist individuals, communities and utilities across the state in meeting renewable energy and sustainability goals. Biomass research is conducted with the technical support of the California Biomass Collaborative.