Renewable Energy Research Projects

Combined Heat and Power

New Engine Technology for California's Combined Heat and Power Market

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This combined heat and power (CHP) project will adapt a modern automotive engine to run on natural gas and then improve its fuel efficiency by about 10 percent. The engine will be combined with components to enable cogeneration, chiller,and heat pump. The engine improvements will make the system more economical and will enable growth of the emission-compliant CHP market.


Boiler Burner Energy System Technology (BBEST) for Firetube Boiler

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This combined heat and power (CHP) project will develop and demonstrate an innovative, industrial boiler burner energy system technology (BBEST). The goal is to reduce firetube boiler emissions to levels below 9 parts per million (ppm) at 3 percent oxygen (O2) to meet California's emissions regulations. The project will also demonstrate an 82 percent overall efficiency by minimizing heat losses.


Renewable Energy Technologies

Development and Demonstration of a Concentrating PV System with Integrated Active Micro-Inverters

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This solar technology project will develop and demonstrate a concentrating PV system with integrated active micro-inverters and an optional daylighting system for commercial applications. The goal is to achieve a levelized cost of electricity of about 15 cents per kilowatt-hour for concentrating PV systems manufactured in volume production.


Renewable Energy Secure Communities

CERTS - Smart Grid Demonstration with Renewable Energy Integration

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This renewable energy secure community (RESCO) project will demonstrate a state-of-the art Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions (CERTS) smart grid. The demonstration will address the integration issues for new wind power, large-scale energy storage, demand response, and solar thermal systems with the jail's existing solar photovoltaics, fuel cell cogeneration system, and energy efficiency initiatives.


Sonoma County RESCO, A Local Level Approach to Renewable Energy Portfolios

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This renewable energy secure community (RESCO) project will develop and demonstrate a model for the integration of mature renewable resources, efficiency measures, and demand response to prepare Sonoma County to advance the implementation of a locally-owned, cost-effective renewable portfolio.


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