Funding / Solicitations

Throughout the year, the Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) Transportation subject area supports applied research projects that address state transportation energy policies and PIER Transportation research roadmap findings. Funding is available through competitive solicitations, grants, interagency agreements, and sole-source contracts. Small Grants are also available for concept feasibility research that establishes new approaches targeting state transportation energy problems that may not be discussed in research roadmaps.

PIER Transportation Solicitations

PIER Transportation subject area solicitations address the research focus areas of Vehicle Technologies, Alternative Fuels and Transportation Systems. Solicitations often invite strategic partnerships that facilitate research coordination, and cooperation, with other state agencies, local and regional entities, industries, and utilities. After a solicitation is announced, the proposals received are evaluated, scored, selected, and approved. The typical timeline for solicitations, from announcement to final approval, is six to nine months.

PIER Transportation Small Grants

PIER Transportation Small Grants solications will support the early development of promising new energy technology concepts, a niche not covered by PIER Transportation subject area solicitations that focus primarily on applied research or the development of established concepts. Small grant research projects must target a PIER Transportation focus area, address a California transportation energy problem, and provide potential benefits to California electric or natural gas ratepayers. PIER Transportation Small Grants provide up to $95,000 for hardware projects and $50,000 for modeling projects to small businesses, non-profits, individuals, and academic institutions. Up to two solicitations per year are planned. To encourage program participation, the application and award process has been simplified, and assistance is available for completing the administrative requirements of the Grant Application Manual.