Other States' Renewable Energy Transmission Initiatives

Texas State Energy Conservation Office, February 1, 2007.

Analysis of Transmission Alternatives for Competitive Renewable Energy Zones in Texas, February 1, 2007.

Competitive Renewable Energy Zones in Texas, Presentation by Mike Sloan, February 1, 2007. (PDF File, 23 pgs, 1.59 mb)

ERCOT Competitive Renewable Energy Zones (CREZ) Study, February 1, 2007. (links to Powerpoint file)

Governor Jim Gibbons' Nevada Renewable Energy Transmission Access Advisory Committee Phase I Report, December 31, 2007.

Connecting Colorado's Renewable Resources to the Markets, Report of the Colorado Senate Bill 07-091 Renewable Resource Generation Development Areas Task Force, December 21, 2007.
(PDF file, 70 pages, 4.4 MB)

Arizona Renewable Resource and Transmission Identification Subcommittee, Final Report, September 2009.
(PDF file, 34 pages, 2.1 MB)

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