Power Source Disclosure
(Under Senate Bill 1305)

Sample Power Content Label

Senate Bill 1305 (Sher - Statutes of 1997) requires retail suppliers of electricity to disclose to consumers "accurate, reliable, and simple-to-understand information on the sources of energy that are (being) used...."; (Public Utilities Code Section 398.1(b))

The law basically requires that these suppliers tell consumers about what type of resource is used to generate the electricity being used. The suppliers are required to use a format developed by the California Energy Commission called the Power Content Label. An example of a proposed AB 162 Power Content Label is shown on the right. The law also requires utilities to submit a detailed report of their fuel mix to the Energy Commission. These reports are available to the public upon request.

This page links electricity consumers, retailers and generators to information and the templates needed under this program. Also see our Program Details & Background.

Changes made by SBX1-2 to the eligibility requirements for electricity products counted as RPS eligible also affect procurement claimed on the Power Content Labels. Because of this, revisions to the Power Source Disclosure Program have been delayed until further notice. However, changes to the Power Source Disclosure Program, as outlined in AB 162, do not require adoption of the new regulations to become effective. The requirements of AB 162 and the portions of SB 1305 that were not changed by AB 162 constitute current, effective law. Staff requests that Annual Reports for the 2013 reporting year be submitted by June 1, 2014, Power Content Labels be submitted by October 1, 2014, and that annual Power Source Disclosure Program reporting continues this way until further notice.

Staff redesigned annual reporting templates as of the 2012 reporting year to implement new database maintenance protocols, and requests that all POUs and Retail Sellers use the "Proposed AB 162 Annual Report Templates" to complete each year's reporting.

All Retail Suppliers must submit:
Reporting Requirements Due Date Templates to File
Annual Report: Power Source Disclosure Program June 1st, 2014 Existing SB 1305 Annual Report Templates.
Proposed AB 162 Annual Report Templates.
Independent Audit of the Annual Power Content Label and the Annual Report October 1st, 2014 No specific template
Annual Power Content Label October 1st, 2014 2008 Power Content Label Calculator.
Proposed AB 162 Power Content Label.

See more information on the Power Source Disclosure Program pre-rulemaking.

For more information about this program contact:

California Energy Commission
Kevin Chou
1516 Ninth Street, MS-45
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916-653-1628
E-mail: kevin.chou@energy.ca.gov

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