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Mariposa Energy Project
Compliance Proceeding

Docket Number: 09-AFC-3C

Compliance Submittal Documents

Compliance Notices

Compliance Documents

Order Approving a Petition to Increase the Maxium Allowable Hourly and Daily Fuel/heat Throughput Rates for the Combustion Turbines Dated June 14, 2013. Posted June 17, 2013. (PDF file, 3 pages, 164 kb)

Staff Analysis of Proposed Increase to Hourly and Daily Fuel/Heat Throughput Dated and posted May 8, 2013. (PDF file, 11 pages, 83 kb)

Letter Confirming Compliance With Pre-Operation Conditions of Certification Dated and posted May 8, 2013. (PDF file, 1 page, 27 kb)

Applicant's Petition to Amend - Proposed Increase to the Combustion Turbine Heat Input - Dated February 15, 2013. Posted February 19, 2013. (PDF file, 17 pages, 328 kb)

Mariposa Energy proposal for general arrangment modification with chiller profiles - Dated August 29, 2011. Posted September 15, 2011. (PDF file, 30 pages, 1.7 MB)

Order Denying Petitions for Reconsideration of Adoption of Commission Order No. 11-0518-6 - Dated and posted July 13, 2011. (PDF file, 7 pages, 41 kb)

Draft Order Denying Robert Sarvey and Rob Simpson's Petitions for Reconsideration - for the Commission's consideration at the hearing on July 13, 2011. Posted July 11, 2011. (7 pages,43 kb)

Staff's Response to Petitions for Reconsideration. Posted July 6, 2011. (7 pages, 61 kb)

Intervenor Robert Sarvey's Petition for Reconsideration, of the Commission's May 18th decision approving the PMPD and the Errata for the Mariposa Energy Project. Dated June 14, 2011. Posted June 23, 2011. (14 pages, 1 MB)

Intervenor Rob Simpson's Petition for Reconsideration of the Commission's May 18, 2011, Written Order Approving the Mariposa Energy Project

Start of Construction - Mariposa Energy Project