Residential HVAC Changeout Presentations

In an effort to help simplify the 2008 Energy Standards requirements for residential HVAC changeouts in each Climate Zone, the Energy Commission has developed five presentations that outline:

Climate Zones with similar requirements have been grouped into the same presentation, just like the CF-1R-ALT-HVAC compliance forms.

These presentations are designed to educate installing contractors, building department staff, HERS raters, etc., and to be used by trainers and teachers to educate others in a classroom, conference, meeting, etc. These presentations are the "complete package" and are equipped with hyperlinks to Energy Standards documentation, sample compliance forms, related websites, and lecture notes for every slide.

All Energy Standards documents, web links, and sample compliance forms in each presentation are hyperlinked to allow the user/trainer to view larger documents in their entirety and to become more familiar with the compliance forms.

To view any and all hyperlinks, simply put the cursor over the document, web link, compliance form, etc. and click.

Lecture Notes
All slides in each presentation are hyperlinked to lecture notes which provide specific details on what the 2008 Energy Standards require and clarifications and answers to frequently asked questions. These lecture notes are intended to provide the user with a greater education experience and to allow a trainer to present the material with confidence and the ability to respond to possible questions.

To view the lecture notes for a specific slide, simply click on the "Notes" box in the upper right corner of the slide.

Download Instructions
Since each power point presentation is large in size and hyperlinks to numerous documents, all presentations were placed into Zip files for easier downloading capabilities. To prevent prolonged downloading time, right click on the Zip file you want to download and click on "Save Target As" to save the file onto your Desktop. When downloading is complete, double click on the Zip file to open it and click on "Extract All Files" to save the power point presentation and all hyperlinked PDF documents into a folder.

NOTE: In order to utilize the hyperlink functions, you must extract all documents from the Zip file and place them in the same folder.


For technical questions about the 2008 Residential HVAC Changeouts Presentations:

Energy Standards Hotline
Phone: (916) 654-5106 or
Phone: 1 (800) 772-3300 (toll free in Calif.)