Pixley Biogas, LLC, Junio Dairy
and Calgren Renewable Fuels partner to produce
the lowest carbon footprint ethanol in California.

The Pixley Biogas, LLC anaerobic digester facility produces biomethane from cow manure to replace the natural gas used to heat Calgren Renewable Fuels’ ethanol vehicle fuel. Together, the avoided manure emissions and biogas offset of natural gas consumption reduces the carbon dioxide from the Calgren facility by over 15,000 metric tons per year, the same as removing about 3,100 cars from the road. Pixley Biogas reclaims and processes approximately 90 million gallons of water used at the Calgren facility to produce a nutrient-rich liquid that is suitable for crop irrigation. The project created 46 jobs during construction and one full-time permanent job. The project also retained 1 job at its partner business, Calgren.

The Pixley Biogas Anaerobic Digester Project won the “Green California Leadership Award” in 2015 for their California Energy Commission project.

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piping inside industrial building The offload station for organic waste used to produce the biomethane. The Pixley Biogas digester facility and adjacent combined heat and power turbine facility that powers the Calgren ethanol refinery.

Photos courtesy of Daryl Maas



  • Carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by over 15,000 metric tons per year.

  • 46 construction jobs, 1 permanent position at the Pixley facility, and 1 job at subcontractor Calgren Renewables.

  • Can be replicated at many other dairy farms.

Type of Project

Biofuels Production and Infrastructure

ARFVTP Award Amount



Fully operational


Pixley Biogas, LLC  is located in Pixley, California


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