Springboard Biodiesel will produce nearly  1,000 gallons of biodiesel per day for local consumption in Northern California.

When completed, the Springboard Biodiesel project is anticipated to produce 350,000 gallons of low-cost biodiesel fuel throughout the state, particularly in rural areas of Northern California where access to biodiesel is limited. Springboard Biodiesel’s closed local loop (CLL) system will prove commercial viability for an affordable, small-scale, and easily deployable biodiesel product. The use of local waste products, such as used cooking oil, as the system’s primary feedstock minimizes direct and indirect farmland use and provides cleaner-burning fuel for farm equipment.

By producing biodiesel through the CLL system and then supplying it to local distressed areas, Springboard Biodiesel will help accelerate the use of biodiesel in California, create new jobs in rural regions and significantly lower carbon dioxide emissions and particulate matter.

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machinery inside springboard biodiesel facility machinery inside springboard biodiesel facility worker at springboard biodiesel facility

Photos courtesy of Springboard Biodiesel, LLC.



  • Creates 5-8 jobs.

  • Displaces 350,000 gallons of diesel annually.

  • Reduces carbon dioxide emissions by about 7.3 million pounds annually.

  • Reduces overall environmental impact by using recycled cooking oil.

  • Effectively leveraged public investment, garnering more than $1.1 million in private investment.

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Biofuels: Biodiesel

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Complete by the end of 2014.


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